Launch Information

AARG holds regularly scheduled launches on the first Saturday of each month from approximately 9 AM to noon - often later if the weather is good. Launches are always subject to weather. Best-guess evaluations of launch conditions will be posted to the rocketry-austin mailing list and the AARG Launch mailing list a day or two in advance, but quite often it may not be possible to make a determination until the evening before the launch. Launch status updates will also be posted under News to the left. 

The launch sites are only available at the designated times for official AARG launches. AARG currently has no standing launch field. The current administration of the Austin Parks and Recreation Department is interpreting the park rules (created by the City Council) which prohibits BB guns, bow and arrow, and other "projectile weapons" to include model rockets, so fly at your own risk. However, to the best of our knowledge, it is legal and acceptable to fly model rockets at Old Settler's Park in Round Rock. This is one of the best locations in the area.

AARG provides model, mid, and high-power launch equipment at all regular launches. Model and high power rockets are flown from separate areas, each with its own launch control. See the Launch Control Officer if you're unsure about the pad requirements for your rocket.

We have access to our launch sites through the generous cooperation of the land owners. To maintain access, we must continually impress them with our careful use of the area. Be sure not to leave any trash at the site, and please pick up any particularly large or obnoxious trash that might be at the site already - particularly rocket-related trash.

You are not required to be an AARG member to observe or fly at an AARG launch.

Launch Fees (per day)

High Power: $10 (H+ impulse)
Low Power:  $  5 (G and below impulse)

$2 discount for AARG members
$3 discount for range duty participation